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New TSA Scanners Mean Your Laptop Will Stay In Your Bag At The Airport

tsa scanners

New TSA Scanners Feature CT Imaging Technology

Flying is about to get ever so slightly less awful this year as the Transportation Security Administration is rolling out much-needed security checkpoint equipment upgrades at several airports that will drastically speed up the screening process by doing away with the need for passengers to empty the electronics and toiletries from their carry-on luggage.

As we first reported in July of last year, since 2017 the TSA has been testing a new type of baggage scanner at John F. Kennedy International Airport, and over a dozen others around the country, that uses computed tomography, or CT, to image a bag’s contents in three dimensions. This provides TSA screeners with an instant 3D model that can be zoomed and rotated, allowing them to get a better look at everything a passenger is trying to bring onto a plane without actually opening the bag.

The new TSA scanners aren’t going to completely eliminate lineups at airport security checkpoints; it will take a while for TSA staff to learn how to effectively use the new machines.

Source: Andrew Liszewski | Gizmodo