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Delta Air Lines Announces Customer Friendly Boeing 777 Interior Renovation 

Delta Air Lines

On Monday, Delta announced a “full-fleet interior renovation” that will in part widen economy-class seats to 18.5 inches. For comparison, American Airlines’ and United Airlines’ seats are about 17 inches wide.

“The upgraded 777 design is part of Delta’s multibillion-dollar investment in the overall customer experience,” the airline said in a statement on its media website.

The biggest change is for travelers is in economy class, or the main cabin: They’ll have more room to spread their legs. Previously, Delta used an industry-standard 3-4-3 seat arrangement for economy class: three seats on the left, four in the middle, and three on the right. The new main-cabin configuration will feature nine seats across — three in each section — rather than the 10 across used by American and United.

Source: Business Insider